I have always been blessed to have special people in my life who I count as close friends, but friendship is something that can be taken for granted.

When Miriam was born, I expected nothing different for her. Little did I know that it wouldn’t be that easy. In May 2017, when Miriam was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder it definitely helped us to understand why some things were the way they were for her. While it didn’t seem to bother Miriam that she didn’t have a special friend, it certainly was something I worried about. It didn’t, however, lessen my hope for her that she would develop close friendships too.

We all want to have people in our lives with whom we can confide in, those who can share our joys and sorrows and those who we can be ourselves with. I believe that friendship is a vital component of living a healthy and fulfilling life.

One of the reasons for starting the Girls on the Spectrum Drop-in was that by bringing girls together who are facing some of the same issues, friendships would form. And they have!

When Miriam made her first friend at the drop-in, I was so happy – and now she has many friends! Friends she looks forward to seeing every week and who look forward to seeing her too. This evening as she texted back and forth with one of the girls from the group, I got teary eyed because it gave me hope; hope that my daughter will experience all of the wonderful things that life has to offer – including friendship.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who have always loved and supported me. You mean the world to me.



One thought on “Friendship

  1. Sign me up! My daughter Margaux was diagnosed in 2016 at years old, too! We live in Vienna, Austria, but are Ottawa-based. What a great thing you are doing!


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